ROAR’s mission is to advocate for change and connect the people and families who have been touched by addiction. ROAR seeks to use shared experiences and resources to assist in the battle against substance abuse to advocate for real change. We believe that speaking openly and honestly about substance abuse will encourage addicts to seek help and policymakers to take action. Silence is the enemy, and we will be quiet no longer.

We’re Here To Bring About Real Change

We are your community resource for support groups, community resources, and access to statewide resources.

Our Policy Makers have not done enough. It’s our turn to use our voice as the mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, and friends who have faced the opioid epidemic and other substance abuse to bring about real change on capital hill.

We are always willing to connect community members who want to help our cause. Please consider signing up for our email or visiting some of our events on our calendar. Every voice counts.

ROAR aims to use our network and voice to support those who are struggling with or recovering from addiction, as well as their families. We understand that recovery is a team effort and that everyone has a role to play in ending addiction. With a wider network of driven advocates of recovery, we can get closer to ending addiction.